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Australian Web Links

This might seem like the easiest part of the Republic, pointing the way to other real estate on the web with content worth reading.  I mean, I don't have to write much here now, do I?  But actually, it's easier and more beneficial for the Republic to write original content here and keep your (probably limited) attention in one place rather than direct you to go to sites far afield with little chance you'll come back.  

Thailand web links

Start surfing the web -- or in Oz, just surf a wave, I guess
But I'll do the right thing and recommend a few places anyway.   Ironically, if I pick some of the worst sites I know, you'll have less respect for my site, but you'll still probably come back just to flame me.  If I recommend world class sites with brilliant information, you'll bookmark those other sites, forget who originally told you about them, and ultimately never come back here.  I wouldn't!   

A Few Web Sites For Australia

1) Australian Post

Want to get financially ripped off for sending parcels domestically and abroad.  Just head to Australia Post to end up a lot poorer than when you walked in! 

2)  Australian government web site

Australia is just one giant bureaucracy.  Want help wading through it?  This site won't help much except make you fully aware of how bureaucratic the country has become.  Enjoy and just tell yourself you're in the Lucky Country if surfing the web site gives you a headache.

3)  Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Oh, so you're that nuts?  You want to immigrate to Oz and get an Aussie passport?   Come on over, junior.

4)  Australia's Bureau of Meteorology

You're keen on good weather for the surf and the sun. Come here first and make sure it really is good. All Australia's capital cities are represented.

5)  Australian grocery prices and supermarket comparison

Get an idea what prices currently are in Australia for all your favorite foods.  Be forewarned.  Once you see how expensive Oz is, you'll probably opt not to come. 

6)  Australia Network

Are you 'lucky' enough to have the Australia Network bundled with your current cable provider?  We are, and we're shocked that this station is the best TV programming Australia can bundle together on one channel.  I once saw what had to be the lowest budgeted show I've ever seen.  Two young desperate actors were jumping around pretending there was scenery and props and singing to little children.  This made the low budget American 70's kids show I saw look like they were done on a Hollywood blockbuster budget. 

7)  Islam Australia Network

Islam has really taken off in multicultural Australia.   Now you can pray to Allah by night and surf the Aussie waves and pick up the buxom blondes by day.  Good luck trying to juggle those tasks in Mecca or Pakistan.   


If any of the web site links above aren't working, don't blame me.  They're not my web sites Complain instead to your embassy or consulate or respective government representative.


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