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Mutant Message Down Under is a book by Marlo Morgan who then wrote the book Mutant Message From Forever. There are plenty of books about Australia. One of the more famous Australian books is by Bill Bryson and called In A Sunburned Country or Down Under depending on which country it's published in. No Worries, Mate is a fabricated book about the Johannsen clan. Advance Australia Fair is a terrible national anthem and an even worse book.

Books On Or About Australia

"One third of high school graduates in the United States never read another book after high school, and forty-two percent of college graduates never read another book after college.  Seventy percent of American families did not buy or read a book last year. Fewer than half of Americans have read a novel, short story, play, or poem in the preceding year.   If these dour percentages are roughly the same in most other countries, not a helluva lot of people will be reading about Australia."  Doug Knell, Doug's Republic
books about Australia

I pray we've established our point.   Readers are rare and getting rarer, and with a limited number of books getting published and read, it's not very likely anyone is going to devote his limited attention span to reading books about Australia.  Knowing that, we will be recommending a small number of books, and of that number, several will be books which don't even exist. 

Australian Books

Anyone in the mood to read?
 Australian books
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  Title Summary
Mutant Message Down Under MUTANT MESSAGE DOWN UNDER  Originally billed as American author Marlo Morgan's non-fiction Walkabout with a crew of Aboriginals, holes were found in the story that were large enough to cart entire galaxies through that the book is now classified as fiction.  Morgan was (allegedly) invited to go on a physical and spiritual journey with some Aborigines.  If you consider this story as factual as most Hollywood movies based on true stories, then you're in for an enjoyable New Age good time.  Morgan was able to buy the Caribbean beachside bungalow with the publication of the sequel MUTANT MESSAGE FROM FOREVER and has been silent forever since.
Down Under by Bill Bryson DOWN UNDER (otherwise known as IN A SUNBURNED COUNTRY)  This could be the most famous travelog on Australia. Countless people, even Australians, buy it and treat it like an Australian edition of the Bible. What it has going for it: Bryson interweaves odd facts and info and history about Australia into his travels. What it doesn't have going for it: Bryson travels the country in 5-star style, flying pretty much everywhere, then renting cars once he gets there. That's what a Korean package tourist would do. If you want nitty gritty experiences of on-the-road Aussie travel, get yourself a new gospel. Brilliantly, Bryson sells the same book under two different titles, and some suckers have actually bought the book twice.  Nice way to get rich faster, Bill! 
No Worries, Mate NO WORRIES, MATE  This book tells the story of the Johannsen clan.  The Jonathan Johannsens emigrate from Scandinavia and head to Sydney in the 1920's while the Thomas Johannsens head to New York.  Three generation later, the descendents of Jonathan work less than forty hours per week, drink gallons of beer a day, dine on shrimps on the barbie, and say "No worries, mate" to everyone they meet.   The descendents of the Thomas Johannsens are in the US busting their asses, getting taxed to death funding wars all over the world, going broke paying hefty health insurance premiums, and worrying how the hell they're going to pay for the kids' college tuition.   
The Vatican Of The Southern Hemisphere THE VATICAN OF THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE  Based on too many true stories.   Dave Wachowski is approaching middle-age and decides to start living life for a change.   He quits his high pressure job in Toronto, buys a ticket to Australia, and spends a year practicing involuntary celibacy, as he is shunned by backpackers in the big cities and rednecks in the small ones.   The real Vatican offers him a medal for practicing celibacy all the same.   
Advance Australia Fair ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR  At an Organization For Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) meeting in Paris, all attending representatives are asked to sing their nation's national anthem.  Australian Prime Minister Boondocks McCrane sings Advance Australia Fair and the rest of the world snickers and realizes how dumb the lyrics are.  McCrane can't cover up this fact to the Australian people and resigns. 
Zone Of Horror  ZONE OF HORROR  A fictionalized account of how Australia came up with their standard and daylight savings time zones:  a group of administrators met, got drunk, and then spun a wheel to randomly decide what time it would be in each part of the country.   When they sobered up a week later, it was already too late.  No one knew what time it was.
The Final Pounding THE FINAL POUNDING  It's 1966 and Australia's about to dump the pound as its national currency for the dollar at a rate of two dollars to one pound.  The United Kingdom looks on with horror as one of its colonies decimalizes its currency before the motherland and ponders, "Why didn't we think of that first?"  


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 Mutant Message From Forever and Mutant Message Down Under are two new-age books about Aboriginals in Australia. They're writen by Marlo Morgan. There are so many books about Australia, mate. Australian books come in all shapes and sizes. Bill Bryson's In A Sunburned Country, otherwise known as Down Under, is one of the more popular. No Worries, Mate and Advance Australia Fair are two other lame books.