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Did you know that most immigrants to Australia wind up in NSW -- New South Wales? Actually, this translates to most immigrants to Australia ending up in Sydney, Australia's largest city. But NSW contains more people than any other Australian state, with Aussies scattered among Newcastle, Lismore, Byron Bay, and Coffs Harbour to name a few. The Snowy Mountains and the Blue Mountains rock, too.

New South Wales (NSW)
First State/Premier State/Suck In All The Tourists State

"If you want to impress people that you're psychic, walk up to any Australian and guess s/he's from New South Wales.  You'll probably be right."  Doug Knell, Doug's Republic

Two images spring to mind when those who've never been to Australia think of it:  surfing and Sydney.   While surfing is not exclusive to New South Wales, Sydney is.  It's Australia's largest city, with almost 4.5m people, and has Australia's most recognizable buildings.   Sydney attracts the largest share of immigrants to Australia.   In the 1991 Census, Sydney had 28.5% of Australia's overseas-born.  It's virtually a cliche today to hear about another Vietnamese immigrant to Sydney -- the two words go together almost as seamlessly as 'Big' and 'Mac.'   Backpackers and working-holiday visaholders flock to Sydney and its outlying areas for job opportunities, drunken nights out, and sleazy pickups.

New South Wales is the most heavily industrialized state in the country, if that means anything anymore in a West that's been de-industrializing faster than Nicolas Cage is losing his hair.  Three-quarters of this industry is based in Sydney.  Newcastle has dwindling steelworks and shipbuilding industry that's all but defunct.  The Hunter Valley has coal deposits, but the mines are high cost, and you can get coal in many other cheaper locales. 

New South Wales flag


Manufacturing industries still remain in the state.  Manufacturing accounts for 14% of the Gross State Product and more than 30% of Australia's total manufacturing output.  In NSW are produced one-third of Australia's food & beverages, 45% of its medicines and pharmaceuticals, and 60% of its medical and surgical equipment. The popular and cheesy Australian soap opera, Home And Away, features external shots from all over the country, but all the interiors and beach shots are done in Sydney and surrounding NSW locations.

Don't fight NSW.  As a visitor, you'll probably be flying in here.  On a working holiday, you'll undoubtedly spend some or maybe all of your time working here.  Is seduction the name of your game?   Little question that some, if not all, of your illicit night time romps will involve NSW locals or backpackers slumming it in NSW.   Doug bucked the trend and spent only 9 nights in NSW out of a year in Australia. 

For the majority of visitors, NSW and neighboring Queensland (QLD) are all they see of Australia.  For the more alcoholically-inclined, the inside of a NSW pub is all they'll see.



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 Are you hip to visit NSW or New South Wales. Immigrants to Australia are. They flock to Sydney. The rest of the population center in NSW is in Newcastle, Lismore, Byron Bay, and Coffs Harbour. Don't skip a trip to the Snowy Mountains or the Blue Mountains, mate.