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Doug's Republic has a lot of categories, like economics,politics,reality or the lack of it, religion, health, media, egomania case studies, lifestyle experiments, success and failure

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The Wealth On The Outskirts sufa 2016-04-22 What do the startup and entertainment industry have in common? Click
Is SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE A Stepping Stone To Major Success? sufa 2016-03-18 Most cast members fade away into obscurity, but at least they are a lot richer than they used to be. Click
Life Lessons Learned From A Life Magazine Collection life 2016-03-04 Reading old Life magazine issues cover to cover can be worth your time Click
The Dumping Letter life 2016-02-26 After years of friendship, some friends require a dumping letter. Click
Doing It All Before 30 life 2015-11-27 People with accumulated advantages are more successful. The younger you start accumulating, the better. Click
The Fruitlessness Of I Would Have Done Things Differently sufa 2015-11-20 Had we done things differently in the past, we'd be a different person. Are you ready for that? Click
Masterful Mindshaking Insights From Experiment M sufa 2015-06-12 Insights why participants in multi-level marketing (MLM) fail Click
The Feedback Addiction sufa 2015-03-13 It‛s more how much feedback you get, not the quality or authenticity, which determines whether others think you‛re a winner Click
The Well Paved Road To Overdevelopment econ 2015-02-28 Does overdevelopment end with strip malls of McDonald`s and 7 11`s on every corner? Click
Can You Remember What`s Down Memory Lane? real 2015-01-31 How many birthdays and New Year`s Eves can you remember? Click

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