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Korean Camping Experience South Korea 2012-06-17 What do you need for a Korean camping experience? Not remoteness or immersion in nature, Doug discovers. Click
Yeongwol Tour South Korea 2012-06-16 Doug knocks off all the key sites in Yeongwol: tombs, ancient trees, and a 1960`s mining town Click
A Wednesday In Suwon South Korea 2012-06-13 Doug visits a palace in the city now known for being the headquarters of Samsung. Click
Korean Strip Malls South Korea 2012-06-12 Every suburban and satellite city in Korea is supported with newly constructed strip malls. Click
Luxury Communist Hotel Suites China 2012-06-10 Doug shows off his `non-communist` communist suite near Beijing`s Forbidden City Click
The Temple Of Heaven China 2012-06-10 The Summer Palace and Forbidden City weren`t enough real estate for the Emperor. He needed a Temple of Heaven, too. Click
Beijing`s Forbidden City China 2012-06-09 Doug delights in the Forbidden City, home to China`s emperors in days gone by Click
Dropping In On Today`s People`s Republic China 2012-06-08 Doug explores the Chinese capital`s trains, toilets, and most famous sites Click
The Great Wall of Mutianyu China 2012-06-08 Doug explores a portion of Mutianyu`s less traveled wall, a small expanse of the 6,000+ km total the wall stretches on for Click
Second Homes For The Emperor China 2012-06-07 The Summer Palace in Beijing is the Emperor`s answer to Monaco. Click

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