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Who doesn't want to do a pickup in Thailand? Picking up is not all that difficult, whether it be a prostitute, streetwalker,] bargirl, or real genuine pickup. To seduce the girl of your dreams just means you have to speak a few words out loud. Having sex with Thai people is easier than getting a good pad thai in Thailand.

Picking Up A Thai
If you're sleeping alone here, you must be in prison

"Picking up a Thai is a very pleasant pasttime for all those keen to try.  No one ever fails."  Doug Knell, Doug's Republic

This page will be considered superfluous by many visitors.  Anyone with a brain that may not even be fully functioning and/or a decently padded wallet can pick up a Thai.  Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man would even pull women in Thailand.

In a Western country, a man without a highly distinguishable trait, like great athletic skill, fame, or model-star good looks, can make up for a lack of talents with an abundance of money, which in itself becomes a distinguishable trait.  When you see a gorgeous model with a bald and fat husband twenty years her senior, it's no shocker to find out this husband is a centimillionaire or billionaire.

Thailand works on much the same principle except here the words "great wealth" are re-interpreted to Thai standards.  In a land where a maid may only earn USD 250/month, great wealth may be seen as USD 2,500-4,000 per  month, salaries that wouldn't make an aspiring American princess look up from her romance novel. Many Western men thus become de facto celebrity-like studs here. 

In fact, coming over here you begin to understand how empty and meaningless the easy pickups are for the rich and famous back in your own country.  A groupie will shack up with anyone who meets the wealth-fame grade -- a real connection need not ever be made.  Over in Thailand, more foreign males meet the lower grades, and it's quite easy to feel at times that you're interchangeable with any other foreign man as far as most of the local girls are concerned.

Always available, but watch out for your life savings

Hence, Frank Foreigner, lower-middle class or middle-class back home, barely able to attract a heffer with freckles in Germany or Holland, will find that with his modest wealth in Thailand, he appears like a paunchy king and can attract women a half to a third his age.  He may have a lobotomy, a vasectomy, and be in therapy.  The Thai girls won't care. 

As in your own country, the more charming, good-looking, and wealthy you are, the more choices you will have.  This is why a 25-yr old lean English lager lout may be able to score a free pickup from a Thai bargirl as his 50-yr old potbellied uncle with double the IQ must pay for the same privilege.  Thai girls are human, too.   The more a man deviates from their definition of desirability, the more they must be compensated.  

Immediately below is checklist of tips for foreign men on picking up Thai women.   Information designed for foreign women picking up Thai men is also provided.  Gay men seeking to pick up gay Thai men do not require advice or tips, certainly not from Doug's Republic.  A gay pickup over here should be easier to engineer than finding a six pack of quality Belgian beer.  Reliable sources indicate that the Thai men don't even need to be gay to be available for a gay pickup.  Money talks louder than sexual preferences in the Kingdom.

Foreign Men Picking Up Thai Women

This checklist is written up for you to protect yourself and your assets during your merrymaking sessions of romancing, bedding, and possibly impregnating a Thai woman.   Caveat emptor!   As for actually seducing a Thai lady?  You only need to be alive and to have a hotel room.  Some would debate whether you have to be alive.

Seducing a Thai woman  Honestly appraise yourself before coming to Thailand.   Are you handsome?  Wealthy?  A good conversationalist?  How old do you really look Are you a pickup virtuoso in your own nation?   Cultures differ across borders but your inner reality doesn't.  If you're a dufus in your homeland who frightens away women, Thai women will be no more keen on you.  The difference is that the Thai woman, to get something out of you, may feign interest.  If females shun you like a skunk back home, you should be wary of all the sudden interest in you in Thailand.  It's probably not based on you being a swell fellow, but more on the girl's perception of your finances.

Seducing a Thai woman  Filter the compliments.   They don't mean much.  If you're only out for a one night cash-for-ass pickup, nothing toThai wife worry about.  But if you find yourself falling for seemingly sincere compliments, such as you being a great-looking man when all the local girls in Europe, North America, and Australia you've met up till now think you resemble an ape's cousin, don't kid yourself that cultural perceptions of looks are all that different in Thailand.  It's a globalized world today.  We all see the same movie stars and read the same fashion mags.  Similarly, don't believe the Thai women when they say you look 30 when you're actually 50 unless women back in your own country make the same mistake regularly. A lot of guys want to fall for this one.  I'll admit that I loved it when girls said I looked 25 and wanted to believe it myself, but belief alone does not make something true.  As an experiment, try believing you're a billionaire and then flash your credit card at the car dealership to pick up a new Rolls Royce.  See how far that gets you. 

Seducing a Thai woman Put yourself in the Thai woman's shoes.   I don't mean literally in her shoes, although some men do and relish the very open and vibrant transgender scene in Thailand.  Ask yourself what the girl could be after, does she have an ulterior motive?  If you're in a gogo bar or brothel, it's clear what the girl is after.  If it's in a more neutral location, question what other factors might lead this woman to take an interest in you.   Should that reason, if it exists, be superficial, and you're looking for something more substantial, walk away immediately.

Seducing a Thai woman Arrange the first date somewhere inexpensive.   However you meet the girl initially, don't arrange the first date at a swank place.  Thai women usually show up on first dates bringing friends and possibly family.  Some bring along the population of entire districts.   Giving the girl the benefit of the doubt, the additional company is for her safety.  She doesn't know you from a hole in the wall, and there's strength in numbers. 

The skeptical reason, however, is that the girl is looking for a free night out for her and her buddies with Frank Foreigner footing the bill.   Observing a Canadian friend of mine go out on over two dozen dates and hearing the stories of how svelte Thai women and their contingents would order gargantuan amounts of food and barely talk to him as they wolfed it all down, I have to think that, more often than not, the girls accept the dates just to get something for free.  In the West, a girl won't typically give out her phone number to a man she has no interest in, not even for a free dinner.  She is more apt to flirt with a man playfully in a bar venue and get free drinks there.  She won't drag it out further if she has no real interest, so obtaining a Western girl's phone number is a minor victory.  

In Thailand, collecting phone numbers is easier than collecting recyclable soda cans.  Everyone is giving them out. Obtaining the number means next to nothing.  The girls may jerk you around a lot when trying to arrange a date, and even after you arrange it and she shows up (with her entourage) -- that is, if she shows up, as being stood up on engagements is rife --  that doesn't necessarily signify interest.   If you arrange a second date and she also brings her friends along, it's a less promising sign.   On a third date, if she's still bringing everyone in her postal code, execute a move my Canadian friend put into practice called the I Scream Maneuver.  As four female spongers were ordering bountiful sundaes at a delicious ice cream parlor, he said he had to make a trip to the men's room -- and never came back.  He was tired of Canada dishing out yet more foreign aid without getting anything in return.  The Canadian stock market rose over 2% as a result.

Substitute yourself for this billionaire, halve the woman's age, and then pretend it's Thailand

Seducing a Thai woman  Ask yourself what you're looking for.  And be honest. Foreign men are attracted by the ease of picking up a Thai woman, especially if they're eligible for monastery memberships back home for years of involuntary celibacy service. A generation ago, Thai women were frowned upon for marrying a foreigner. Today, 90% of those living in Northeastern Thailand say they want their daughters to marry foreigners. The local women are indoctrinated at a young age to see foreign men as a meal ticket and a life of security.  So make no mistakes -- picking up can be done blindfolded, drunk, and high simultaneously.   Ironically, because it's so easy to pickup, it becomes that much more difficult to wade through all your choices to find someone you really connect with, should you value that. 

Imagine you're a famous movie star in your own country. You'd be besieged by women wanting a piece of you, but how many of them really want to get to know and be with the true you? You'd just be a symbol to nearly all of them. Finding a soul mate in Thailand isn't easy. Fortunately, most men already know that and aren't looking.  Thailand functions best as a place to unite people with the simplest of needs.  She wants security and someone to fund repairs on her parents' home in Isaan; he wants steady sex, a handy dishwasher and maid, and someone to take care of him.  The simpler your requirements, the more easily you'll be satisfied, a lesson that applies down every avenue in life, not just in the ensnaring of a silky-skinned Thai female. 

Seducing a Thai woman  Pay the fair market prices if you're a bargirl or prostitute aficionado.  Let's not gloss over these details. The majority of males coming to the Kingdom embrace this female segment of the population. Rates vary by locale, but a Thai prostituteprice outside of Bangkok of around 1,000B for an all-nighter and a 300B surcharge to rent your sweetie pie out of the bar are typical. Bangkok has the greatest cross section of girls-for-hire, from top class Russian glamour girls to ultra disgusting sleaze, with prices varying in each price category. Ask a a few experienced connoisseurs hanging around in your venue what they paid last night, last week, or last hour to have their primal urges satisfied. You'll soon quickly arrive at the fair market price. Pay the bar fine up front but don't pay the girl until after services have been rendered according to your specifications. Because the prices quoted will seem so cheap by Western standards, you may be tempted to offer an overgenerous tip. Or the girl may be such an experienced pleaser of males that she'll have you believing you're undergoing a girlfriend experience -- known as a GFE by whoremongers.  Don't fall into that trap.  When you go to a play at theater and watch superb actors play the roles of thieves and kings, you wouldn't later treat those actors as real thieves or kings, would you? A girlfriend experience is not the same as having an experience with a real girlfriend. Remember that! You may click with your rent-a-cutie, and she may push to see you again, but virtually all of the time this is just to extract more cash from you. A question to ask yourself: as much as this girl (seems to) like(s) me, if I suddenly stopped paying, would she choose to spend her time with a guy she likes less but who was willing to pay? That'll quickly bring you back to reality.

The line between a prostitute and an everyday girl is not so sharply drawn in Thailand.  A non-prostitute companion may ask for gifts or help with the rent, which could equal or surpass in monetary amounts what you would pay to a bargirl outright.  In a country where you can literally rent a girlfriend, you could not expect the distinctions to be so clear.  In the West, the closest thing to this would be hiring an escort girl, but it would not really be the same.  In Thailand, you can pay a lump sump to a bar, which isn't that much money in the scheme of things, and permanently keep her as a lover/maid/dishwasher.  As it's so easy to buy a companion, you must vigilantly size up your own relationship, and if it borders more on the pay-for-sex variety, outlay enough cash just to cover that.  The Beatles were right when they sang "Money can't buy me love," although it can buy everything just short of that.  Don't pay for love you're not really getting. 

Seducing a Thai woman  Study those who've come before you.   No matter how old you are, you're not the first foreign man to set foot inThailand tourists Thailand to seduce a Thai female.  Learn from your forefathers' mistakes.  When I was flying to Australia from Bangkok, I sat next to a 53-yr old Australian man named Marty. Marty had visited Thailand once, picked up teenagers without restriction, begun to see himself as the Adonis and model he wasn't, and then returned to Australia to dump his wife for good and resettle in Thailand.  "Why should I be with that hag when young Thai women flock to me?" he boasted.  One such woman he magnetically attracted went into business with him.  They set up a restaurant in a food court.  Thai law currently dictates that any business must have at least 51% Thai ownership.   His soul mate became his business partner, and one day, when he showed up to the workplace, he discovered the business had been sold and all the assets absconded by her over the weekend.   He'd been used!  I know this story seems farfetched:  a middle-aged or older foreign gentleman being manipulated and taken advantage of from many angles by a fetching youthful Thai lass when everyone believed true love had blossomed.    Get the layout of the land before seducing/marrying. 

Foreign Women Picking Up Thai Men
romance with Thai man
True love straddles all races and sex-pairings . . . or is she just desperate?

Doug's Republic doesn't discriminate.  Foreign women have just as much right to pick up Thai men as foreign men have to pick up Thai women.  Foreign women as a group, however, choose not to exercise that right.  It is quite rare to see a foreign woman hook up with a Thai male.  We could generalize further and state that it is seldom one sees a Western woman forming the beast with two backs with any Asian male.   The reasons:

foreign women in ThailandSeducing a Thai woman  Foreign women, particularly from Western countries, usually grow up in societies where women have assumed equality or near equality with men.   The women do not have to do as the man demands.  They live on their own, earn their own money, plot their own goals.  A Thai man, accustomed to dealing with Thai women who follow his orders, would not find a foreign women's behavior amenable and vice-versa.   Thai women are easier for the Thai man to deal with.  As a result, a foreign woman won't find much interest in what the Thai male is offering.

Seducing a Thai woman  Thai men can seem irresponsible to foreign women.  Of course, men in any country can be irresponsible.  In Thailand though, no one steps in to make them accountable.  Journey around Thailand, and you will encounter scores of Thai women in their early twenties already raising a toddler, whom they usually pass off to their own parents to raise.  Who's the father?  Always some Thai guy they knew in their past.  He bailed out long ago, soon after he started sleeping with all her friends and acquaintances.  He's not providing child support, not showing up every so often to check on the child, not sending e-mails or letters.  Thailand has no strict laws on the books binding the man to the children he sires.  Thai women have to put up with this, foreign women do not.  And few foreign women are on the hunt for a man who does what he wants, when he wants, and leaves the mess in the woman's lap.  

Seducing a Thai woman The cultural divide doesn't work in the foreign woman's favor.   Foreign men facing that same cultural divide can be with Thai women because the man is content with different things in the relationship.  Many of the men coming over to Thailand are retirees, looking for a beautiful young Thai woman to take care of them -- beauty being relative, of course.  The young Thai juicyfruit is looking for security and a better life, so a fair exchange is made.   Foreign women tend to want to form an emotional connection with the men they're with, something very difficult to form with a Thai man who views relationships with women in a very different light. 

sleeping with a ThaiThe foreign man may not be able to communicate a word with his 'beautiful' partner.  He doesn't care.  He's too busy providing her with his DNA samples.   A foreign woman is unlikely to stick around with a Thai male for only sexual servicing unless she's desperate.  Thailand is still a man's world, and a foreign woman quickly finds out she's unnecessary here.  She'll discover that her massive push for equality has pushed her compatriot males right into the arms of the Asian females.  Women in the West have become males -- in thinking, in action, in behavior, in dress.  A Thai male will not find this attractive.  The Asian females, on the other hand, proudly display their feminine sides.  They act like women and treat their partners as men rather than as strict equals.  Foreign men find this very attractive.  With ample local women ready to provide Frank Foreigner hassle-free company, the foreign man has no need to cast a single glance at the desperate Western women craving some kind of attention.  If you're intent to connive guys to buy you drinks like you do back in the West, you'll be leaving every bar sober.  Thailand is not a paradise for foreign women to live out their fantasies. 

Seducing a Thai woman The reproductive cycle doesn't work in the foreign woman's favor either.   75-yr old Thor from Norway moves to Thailand, and in record time, he's dating and then impregnating a 20-year old Thai female.  A few may shake their heads, but it's become so commonplace to see May-December romances in the Kingdom, no one is shaking their heads for very long.  But if 75-yr old Annica from Sweden moves to Thailand hellbent on seducing a 20-yr old Thai male, everyone will be shaking their heads, including all potential 20-yr old Thai males.  From a reproductive standpoint, an elder male-younger female pairing makes some sense, while an elder female-young male pairing does not. 

When you do see a foreign female with a Thai male, there are extenuating circumstances.  The Thai male was educated abroad and better understands foreign women.  Or the two met in Thailand, and the foreign woman was already well versed in Thai culture before she met her partner.   Or the woman is very unattractive in her own country but the Thai men don't realize this due to racial perceptions.  Or the Thai man is young and studly and is able to seduce the foreign woman for a short term scenario only.  Thai kiteboarding and scuba instructors seducing foreign women for short term pleasure is hardly unknown.  Short term pickups fall outside the analysis written here.  Two mismatched people can shack up if it's only a one night stand.  In the few long term pairings we've seen, the foreign woman appeared to be the dominant party in the relationship, even the primary breadwinner in most cases.  In general, prior cultural conditioning creates a better fit among the foreign male-Thai female than the foreign female-Thai male.   

Thailand is truly a 180 degree turn from the pickup scene in the West.  Back in Western countries, women hold all the power.  Men strive to attract them.  A girl can always leave a bar in the company of a man if she so chooses.  In Thailand, it's the (foreign) men who are sought after.  Local girls may seek his attentions for cash or because he seems affluent.  It doesn't really matter why --- the man can always leave the bar in Thailand in the company of a woman if that's what he desires. 


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 Aaaah, a Thai pickup. Who could ask for more? Picking up your Thai dream mate or sleaze mate is simplicity itself. Seduce with caution though. Many of the girls you try to pickup in Thailand will be of the prostitute or bargirl variety. If you want sex with Thai people, understand what makes them tick before going out to seduce.