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Thailand Web Links

This might seem like the easiest part of the Republic, pointing the way to other real estate on the web with content worth reading.  I mean, I don't have to write much here now, do I?  But actually, it's easier and more beneficial for the Republic to write original content here and keep your (probably limited) attention in one place rather than direct you to go to sites far afield with little chance you'll come back.  

Thailand web links

Suring the web with a smile in the Land of Smiles

But I'll do the right thing and recommend a few places anyway.   Ironically, if I pick some of the worst sites I know, you'll have less respect for my site, but you'll still probably come back just to flame me.  If I recommend world class sites with brilliant information, you'll bookmark those other sites, forget who originally told you about them, and ultimately never come back here.  I wouldn't!     

A few web sites for Thailand

1)  Thai Language

You won't go from idiocy to fluency using this site as a resource.  It won't even function as a Babelfish-like translator interface.  It remains a useful for those with some knowledge of Thai to put together sentences, check spelling, or become familiar with Thai expressions.

2) Tourism Authority of Thailand

General information site about Thailand, where to stay, what to do.

3)  Khao San Road

I hate recommending anything about or on Khao San Road.  It served its purpose in 1994 when I first visited Thailand.  I now look on it as the travelers' ghetto it is.  There's some good tourist restaurants around there and tourist buses.  Hell, that's what it's famous for.   Amenities for tourists.  I don't see how I could get around not mentioning one Khao San Road devoted web site. 

4)  Kobayashi

Can you read Japanese?  Doesn't matter.  You can still figure your way around this Japanese-language site.  It breaks down popular residential buildings by % of Japanese, size, and the number of apartments in that building of that size.  Very useful when condo or apartment hunting.  Be forewarned that the prices are inaccurate.  As of 2011, you can rent a place for up to 30% off the listings here.

5) Emporium Movie Showtimes

The Emporium is one of Bangkok's most popular and upmarket malls.  It remains irrelevant whether you're staying near the Emporium or not.  All of Bangkok's upscale malls show exactly the same mainstream fare, so if you take a glance here or at the Siam Paragon's movie listings here, you'll have a solid idea what's playing in Bangkok.  Bangkok has got an IMAX screen as well.  Click here to see what's showing on that monstrous sized screen.

6)  Hua Hin After Dark

What do people do after the lights go out in Hua Hin?  This site and its forum tell you.  Someone told me this site scores over 30m hits per year.  If you believe that, you're an idiot.

7) Thai Visa

Everyone comes here and not just for visas anymore.  Want to know the best place to pick up a hooker?  Find a new marriage partner?  Get divorced or re-married in Thailand?  Juggle mistresses?  Sell your body, sell your business?  Someone here will have something to say about it. 

8)  Asia Books

What books are for sale in Thailand?  Asia Books knows.   Japanese-owned Kinokinuya recently screwed me on a Thai grammar book, charging me almost 50% more than the same book sold at Asia Books.  This is not meant as an endorsement for Asia Books so much as a slam against Kinokuniya.  If I wanted to pay yen-based prices, I'd move to Japan!

9)  Thai Meteorological Department

Keen to know wind patterns and weather?  These guys are supposed to know.   Breaks weather down by main Thai regions.

10)  Thailand Customs and Tariff Database

See how much you'll get reamed importing something, anything, into Thailand.

11)  Thailand Post

Come here to know how cheap it is to mail a parcel from Chiang Mai to Bangkok -- or how expensive to mail anything out of Thailand.

If any of the web site links above aren't working, don't blame me.  They're not my web sitesComplain instead to your embassy or consulate or respective government representative.



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